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A woman who thought it was a good idea to get a tattoo of Seamus Tansey on her back has instantly regretted her decision.

The woman, who has several small tattoos already, had planned to get a large tattoo on her back but was at a loss in deciding what to get. In the end she chose an image of the legendary Sligo-Roscommon flute player, Seamus Tansey.

"I'm no stranger to tattoos. I've a few small ones already on my ankle, wrist, stomach and shoulder. But I needed something to top it off. I needed a tattoo on my back to make me stand out from the crowd...That's why I chose Tansey!"

However as soon as the tattoo artist had finished, the woman instantly regretted her decision. She now plans to have the tattoo removed at the earliest possible time.

"I have to get it off me! I should have thought this through...I feel his presence around me all the time! I've already booked into laser removal to have it changed into an image of the Buddha...I should have known not to drink when I made this decision..."


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