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This weekend sees the finish of the English Premiership season for 2013/2014 and to finish off with a bang, party organisers have hired the newly formed 'Roy Keane Céilí Band' for the end of season party.

This will be the bands first public performance and features Roy Keane on 3-row accordion, Roy Keane on fiddle, Roy Keane on electric guitar and Roy Keane on drums. Organisers have promised that they will deliver an explosive performance and that their music has been described by some as 'like a good kick in the shins'.

"We are very much looking forward to the performance. This is the perfect opportunity for their debut. We all know Roy from his days playing for Man Utd but this is a new and exciting venture for him."

It is thought there will be a few impromptu set dances on the night which will be called by Paul Scholes, who is known to have a background in Irish dancing. Many former and current footballers will be present at the party including Ryan Giggs who is looking forward to seeing his old team-mate....

"Will his wife be there?"


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