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Bodhrán players the world over are waiting in anticipation of the release of the ultimate bodhrán tipper/stick/piece of wood, 'The Tipper-Tron 3000'. The stick has been described as 'the stick to end all sticks'.

While other tippers before have tastefully blended the bodhrán into the background of sessions, the 'Tipper-Tron 3000' promises to bring bodhrán players to the fore and lead sessions where they belong. We spoke to it's Scandinavian creator Sven Bodhránson:

"I bought pencils and took out the lead. Then I stuck on some knobs. Pencil cost me 50cent, I sell tipper for 100euro. They will buy of course."

The 'Tipper-Tron 3000' comes equipped 3 adjustable knobs; one to control the volume, one to control the dribbleyness, and the other to control the speed (this one is non-adjustable however and is stuck on fast). Bodhrán players of all ages are looking forward to its release, including the local bodhrán player.

"I can't wait! People mightn't realise that the quality of the tipper can make a huge difference. The same amount of work goes into their creation as making a violin bow. You can pay up to a tenner for a top quality tipper! In a session, the music can be quite distracting and make it hard to focus on your playing. This will change all that. Finally they'll HAVE to listen to me!"


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