The country in the world most faithful to the values of the CCÉ Constitution is North Korea according to an Irish born academic at George Washington University in the US. Next are Belarus, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

In an RTÉ interview, Thaddeus O'Luanaigh, Professor of International and Comhaltas Affairs at George Washington University explained the findings. Along with a colleague they spent the last 10 years examining social structures of every country in the world and comparing them to the CCÉ Constitution. They called this their 'Comhaltas-icity Index'.

"There is a lifetime's work within this study. We spent years carefully monitoring CCÉ and world events and it has only been the last few months where we started seeing a clear pattern. The evidence clearly shows that North Korea, with it's CCÉ-like dictator, is most suited to the ideals set out by the traditional music organisation."

The study highlights similarities between North Korea's Dictatorial and Communist regime and the higherarchical structures within CCÉ, the lack of independent thought in the Asian country and the lack of individual style within Na Fleadhanna, the sheer breadth of power given to officials in both organisations and the knowledge of the outside world denied to citizens of North Korea and members of CCÉ.

When they applied their 'Comhaltas-icity Index' to countries, they found that Ireland did not even make the top 10; "North Korea, Belarus, Saudi Arabia and Iran were the top 4. They were closely followed by Zimbabwe, The Third Reich, 1950s Ireland, Stalinist Russia and East Germany."


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