A 2014 Leaving Certificate student receiving their results today cannot seem to decide what course they should do, needing to choose between music in either University of Limerick, Dublin Institute of Technology, Cork City University and Ballyfermot College.

Today sees the release of the local girl's exam results after two long years of bluffing between Irish music festivals and she is hoping to get the required points total of 1 to be in with a chance of receiving an offer of a college place.

The teenage Irish musician is dead set on going to college and believes she has a wide range of course choices on her CAO, ranging from music in UL to music in Ballyfermot but cannot seem to choose which is best for her.

"I know like, that I wanna do Irish music yeah? But there are so many options to choose from. Each one has a different lifestyle, like if I was in Cork I could be like, a bit fancy because they have a nice old building. But if I was in DIT I would be closer to home and pretend to rough it with all the other people who didn't get enough points to go to a decent college."

Her mother has said she is fully behind her daughter and whichever course she chooses, she will "not have to worry about money at all as she'll be floated by her parents".

Irish music courses have shot up in popularity over the last few years with all said colleges giving people the chance to become a fully qualified musician, something that people like Michael Coleman could never say. Whatever happens, the girl says she is looking forward to spending the next four years doing practically nothing and then getting a highly lucrative job offer as soon as she finishes.

"The next four years are gonna be totes bantz and music. It's gonna be epic. And then when I finish I'll get like some really good job doing something with Irish music that pays really well. Isn't that how college works?"


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