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A local musician is currently suffering from a bout of insomnia after struggling to remember a tune she played earlier that evening.

The fiddle player is simply unable to fall asleep as she is haunted by her mental trad demons for not being able to remember how an unnamed tune she played at her local session this evening.

Despite repeated attempts at counting sheep and the number of competitors in the U-12 Tin Whistle competition in the Fleadh, she says she simply cannot fall asleep. She puts this down to her inability to remember this reel:

"I keep waking up in a cold sweat, shaking. I tried remembering but it's not working. It's right on the tip of my tongue! I should have recorded the feckin' thing. All I want to do is sleep but the fact I can't think of this jig is killing me!"

The woman says she can think of the first bar of the tune but everything after that is a blur. She says at the time she told herself she would definately remember a tune as catchy as that but after a few rounds of free drink she says she could barely remember her own name let alone a tune.

"The gig comes with free drink too so I guess that's the problem. At this stage I'll never get some sleep. Maybe if I try reading 'The Encyclopaedia of Irish Music' I might fall asleep..."

A few chapter into the encyclopaedia and the fiddler was up again, this time writing all over her bedroom walls 'A-B-C' notation in a desperate attempt to recall the infamous reel. She is currently performing a séance in a last effort to contact Chief O'Neill's ghost and ask him the name of the tune.


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