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A group of amateur traditional musicians new to the music held a séance this Halloween night in an attempt to raise the spirit of uilleann piper and The Chieftains member Paddy Moloney.

It was only when they made contact they realised that their Irish music idol was actually still alive and well and none too happy to be summoned to the séance. The partakers in the summoning ritual said they had no idea someone that old could still be alive.

"We honestly thought he was dead. I know we have only been involved in Irish music for a few months but we believed him to be dead. Anyone who has been knocking around for that long surely had to be. Or at least that's what we thought."

"We did the ritual, had all the trinkets to attract the spirit to us: the reed of a chanter, the offer of a gig and a pile of money. It wasn't long before Paddy's spirit made contact and it was then we realised that he wasn't dead at all!"

Moloney, who turns 112 next year, was attending a Halloween Banquet with the other Chieftains members and dignitaries from the world of music at the time. He describes how he suddenly found himself in a strange room:

"I was a the dinner minding me own business trying to sort out a gig with the Rolling Stones when out of nowhere I started to feel a little weird, a little fuzzy ye know? There was a flash of light and I thought to myself 'Oh no. Not again."

"I then found myself starin' at some oul one and I thought 'You're not Mick Jagger'. I was at some bloody séance in a room full of nobodies. I should've been tuckin' into a steak dinner at that stage."

The musicians tried to entice his spirit to stay and join their slow session but he told them to 'Feck off!' and returned to his human body at the gala dinner. The musicians say they will be more careful with who they try to summon next time:

"We'll make sure that won't happen again. We're already planning our next séance! This time we're gonna try and contact the ghost of Séamus Begley!"


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