The new edition print of the record 'The Star Above the Garter' is expected to feature characters from world famous television show 'The Simpsons' enjoying the music of Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford.

In a joint venture with the show's creator Matt Groening, Claddagh Records decided to update the instantly recogniseable record cover to tap into the younger market and influence a whole new generation of Irish musicians.

Claddagh Records say they are excited to have characters such as Homer Simpson, Lisa Simpson and many more associated with the classic Sliabh Luachra recording:

"This is a greta coup for us! Over the last few years we've been just about getting by with our profits. 'The Star Above the Garter' was a huge success back in the day and we thought that we should re-release it but with a little something different. That's when we thought about the cover."

"It reminded us of 'The Simpsons' so we took a shot in the dark and luckily enough we managed to broker a deal. We think the new cover it looks great and will certainly encourage younger people to buy the record!"

The new edition will be released just in time for Christmas.


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