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A recently paroled Satan worshipper has told The Drone how he discovered Irish music and became a born again uilleann piper during his 5 year term in prison.

The man, who counts Satan as his all-time favourite deity, was released from prison during the week for good behaviour which he puts down to his learning of the uilleann pipes and says he is looking forward to leaving his obsession with the occult behind him.

"For years I was obsessed with all things dark and Satanic but that all changed when I was imprisoned. It was there I first heard Irish music and ever since then I've been hooked! The first time I heard Willie Clancy I thought 'Oh wow! That sounds so...evil and good!'."

"I carved my own set of uilleann pipes out of my inmates skeleton. The guards wondered where he went, don't tell them though...I taught myself using 'The Art of Uilleann Piping' DVDs and that's when I became a born again uilleann piper! HAIL SATAN! Sorry, sorry...force of habit."

The man listed some of his old interests as performing ritual sacrifices and summoning spirits but says he's more interested in practising his regulator work and only summons the spirits of the master pipers.

"I really enjoy listening to pipers like Satan Ennis...I mean Seamus Ennis! I summoned his spirit the other day actually...I also like Lucifer O'Flynn. SORRY! LIAM O'Flynn, that's it. And Beezlebub...sorry, BRIAN McNamara. Man, I really got them right."

The man has already been asked to play at the 'Session with the Pipers' in the Cobblestone Backroom and says he is looking forward to meeting other people interested in the 'dark arts' of uilleann piping.


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