A remastered version of the controversial film 'A Clockwork Orange' is set to be re-released under the new title 'A Clockwork Embouchure' and feature the music of John McKenna instead of Beethoven.

The original film, which was met with huge controversy on its first release and was even banned in Ireland for a number of years, told the story of a Beethovan and ultra-violence obsessed teen who is then 'cured' by the state.

Whoever a new traditional music friendly version is set to feature a John McKenna obsessed teen who also dabbles in ultra-Cobblestoning producers explained.

"In the original film Alex was obssessed with Beethoven's 9th symphony but we've decided to take it in a different direction. Now he's obsessed with John McKenna's version of Colonal Frazer and partakes in sessioning in the Cobblestone with his traditional Irish Droogs, the Troogs."

"The state then tries to 'cure' him using aversion therapy against all things associated with Irish music. We feel that this will be a truer reflection of today's traditional music society."

The film will be released in the new year.


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