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A musician currently sitting listening to the world's longest sean-nós song is beginning to wonder if it's okay to take a sip of his drink even though the singer is not finished.

The man, who hasn't had a sip in at least 10 minutes, cannot decide if it is rude to take a swig of his whiskey while the singer continues into the 10th verse of their song. Unsure if it would be a major faux pas on his part, the man stares longingly at his drink.

Generally when someone is singing a jovial song people would consider it rude not to take a drink however the man was thrown completely off when the singer started into an extra long and sad version of 'The Wounded Huzzar'.

The man's thoughts reveal his inner turmoil: "If I take a sip people might think I'm being dismissive and not really listening but most of the people here don't listen to us when we play, they drink away."

"But it's whiskey! No one could deny a man that drink, even if it is a sad song! For all they know I'm raising a glass to the song...but they might think the opposite! Oh God! I can feel the shakes coming on..."

The other musicians in the session notice the man clearly sweating and muttering to himself, hoping he'll calm down. However they had the cleverness to take a drink just as the singer started, thereby quenching any post-set thirst they might have had.

Experts say that timing of drinking is very important: "It's vital that as soon a set of tunes is finished that one takes a drink. It makes sure that if anybody pipes in with a song that you don't have to worry about etiquette."

"Clearly this man has not been reading his session handbook."

The Drone will keep you updated on the struggle.


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