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Brothers Tom, Dick, and Harry Masterson have become the latest group of precocious young musicians to release a CD, despite the fact they have only been playing Irish music for 5 years.

The Mastersons, aged 15, 13 and 9, grew up in the home of Irish music, Utah. They discovered the music while browsing through videos of Christian-rock on 'JewTube', the strictly religious version of YouTube, and fell in love with it instantly.

Over the last five years they have been perfecting the music on fiddle, pipes, and church organ while gigging in church halls around the 'Bible Belt' and making a name for themselves at the All-Ireland Fleadh.

Tom: "We've been lucky enough to have been given this gift by God. We can't wait for our first CD to be released. We want to thank all those who donated to our start up fund which finished at $25,354, just $354 over our target!"

The Mastersons are the latest in a long line of kids who have decided to record a CD, not realising that the sole aim of Irish music isn't just to record. The boys refute these claims and say that they are just as good as other musicians.

"5 years is a long time to be playing Irish music and I think we've learned a thing or two about the music. We're just as good as that Michael Moleman guy and that Liam O'Binn. People say we don't know how to listen to the music but we listened to our CD just there and it sounded pretty good!"

The boys aren't the youngest musicians to record, that record going to a whistle playing foetus in County Clare (pictured left) who released a CD last year entitled 'The Amniotic Jig' to become the youngest ever recorded Irish musician.

The Masterson CD entitled 'Notes from the Heart', is due out on Good Friday from all major church giftshops.


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