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Prince Charles has been spotted playing a session in Galway city locked out of mind on drink as the official royal visit to Ireland gets under way.

The Prince of Wales was expected to visit the Burren today with his wife Camilla however they never turned up, prompting fears of a kidnapping attempt. However these fears were allayed after they were spotted in Tigh Cóilí's in Galway at one of the local sessions.

Manager Ronan O'Flaherty told The Drone that Charles was leading the session however noted that he looked a bit worse for wear, shouting out tunes with references to royalty in the name.

"Jaysus he was ramblin' on a fair bit alright. I was gonna bar him at one stage. He kept shouting, 'KING OF THE FAIRIES! THE PRINCESS ROYAL! BONNIE PRINCE CHARLIE! I'M THE RIGHTFUL BLOODY HEIR! NOT THIS PRINCE GEORGE CHAP!"

It is thought that the Prince has been learning the fiddle for the past year since not attending the Céiliúradh in the Royal Albert Hall. In order to keep his cover when attending sessions in London he goes by the name Charlie, posing as a labourer and 'a decent bloke'.

It's thought that the experience of being in Tigh Cóilí has gone to his head with other sessioners complaining that he is trying to take over a nice quiet tune and keeps referring to the other musicians as 'paupers'.

"God he's a pain in the arse. He keeps playing these crap tunes over and over again. He's locked too. Been on the Guinness since midday. Hasn't bought us a round though the tight arse."

Charles told The Drone that he was dying for a tune and couldn't wait to get away from his meeting with Gerry Adam and have a pint.

"That man is an insufferable arse. I needed a few pints after listening to him all day. I couldn't understand a word he said, I just nodded my head and said 'The North' a few times. That seemed to humour him."

"Grand that I can relax now with a few tunes and then a Supermacs later. Although Camilla keeps asking for The Lonesome-fucking Boatman. She doesn't have a clue."


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