A recent study on traditional Irish music has linked the art of interpretive dance and having dreadlocks to being at a Kíla concert.

Group Kíla are known for their attempts at combining elements of Irish arts with other forms of music to confuse and enrage listeners however it is only know that scientists have been able to draw strong links between being a hippie and attending one of their concerts.

Dr. Edmund O'Reilly confirmed that 75% of the people who were present at Kíla concerts had a penchant for dancing terribly and an interest in having smelly, matted coils of hair.

"It was abundantly clear what type of demographic we had at these concerts. These people were far more likely to be at one of the concerts compared to say someone who had any knowledge of music."

"Most of these people enjoy a type of dance that appears to be drug-induced but is actually a conscious effort at interpretive dance. They also secrete a distinct smell from the tops of their head that we believe is due to the fact they haven't washed their hair in 10 years."

The study showed that many of these 'hippies' also wore braided bracelets, patterned dress shirts and wicker sandals. They also appeared to have an innate ability to annoy people around them by approaching strangers and trying to start a conversation.

"We could see that the combination of soft-drug use with interpretive dance made them more likely to shout 'Namasté!' during performances and ask for an autograph on their didgeridoo or ukelele."


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