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New photos of an indigenous tribe of bodhrán players living in extreme musical isolation on Inisheer have been released to the public today.

The discovery follows a week of searching by anthropologists for uncontacted, intelligent life in Ireland which ended in failure. Instead, they obtained these fascinating pictures of a newly discovered tribe of bodhrán players on Inisheer in the Aran Islands now dubbed 'The Craiceann'.

The photos show people of a primitive culture who have taken a liking to the lowly bodhrán and yet it is thought they have had no interaction with any kind of traditional Irish music. Leader of the expedition Thaddeus O'Luanaigh described the moment they found the tribe and the pictures they took.

"It was incredible really. A whole island full of bodhrán players! As you can imagine the place was in quite a state. We had to get really low in the helicoptor to take these pictures. We were blaring out some Matt Molloy at the time which seemed to spook them. I don't think they had ever heard Irish music before and they didn't seem that interested but they appeared to play bodhrán regardless."

"The main photo you see shows our first encounter. Every tribes person has a bodhrán and a tipper that doubles as a spear. There's other rhythm apparatus like spoons scattered about the place while you can also see crates of Bulmers cider in the background, the usual diet of a bodhrán player."

The tribe's fascination with the bodhrán can be explained by the fact they are approximately 2000 years behind western civilisation which is also the same number of beats they are behind regular music timing meaning anyone who attempts to play music on the island is in a constant state of 'drag'.

The second photo obtained by The Drone shows two bodhrán tribesmen attempting to protect a large statue to their bodhrán God, 'Snuddy'. O'Luanaigh explained that the tribe worships 'Snuddy' by offering annual sacrifices of actual musicians to him.

"They offer up a yearly sacrifice of fiddlers, flute players and whoever else is unlucky enough to be visiting the island. They seem to be sacrificing a session for the sake of their bodhrán."

It was reported that musicians Ciarán O'Maonaigh, Cáitlín NIc Gabhann, Ronan O'Flaherty and Conor McCague were seen visiting the island but were not on the boat back with many people saying they were offered up to the Snuddy God.


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