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Two acquaintances are currently in the throws of an escalating conversation as they try to outdo each other with detailed accounts of great sessions they've played in recently.

The musicians met unexpectedly on the street outside of the normal confines of a session but talk quickly turned to music as a game of 'one-up-manship' ensued with each person trying to get one over in the other.

Not content with having the usual talk of sessions, the musicians descriptions have quickly descended into fantastical descriptions and hyperbole of the bizarre order as they attempt to show-off to one another. Johnny Maguire described one session:

"Jaysus I was in a session the other day, God it was great. We were playin' for 24 hours non-stop! No toilet breaks or anything! Or stops between tunes! It was just one big long set of reels for 24 consecutive hours. Unbelieveable!"

Not happy with being outdone, Liz Donnelly jumped in:

"That sounds great! Actually I had a great tune there on Saturday, nice and small it was too. It was meself, Seamus Ennis, Michael Coleman, Joe Cooley and oh, who was the other lad...Oh yeah! Jesus Christ. THE Jesus Christ on the fiddle."

But what started out as a banal conversation involving excruciating small talk and extended periods of awkward silences is developing into a full-blown argument. This is not an uncommon occurrance however. Last year two musicians' heads exploded as they tried to outdo the other with session-talk.

This conversation is also showing no signs of letting up. Authorities have been informed and an ambulance has been placed on standby while a man with a sharp pin is also waiting in the wings just in case their egos need deflating.

"Wait 'til I tell ye. I was at this session the other day, by God we were flying it! The music was so good that it set fire to the pub and the whole thing burned down around us. We just kept playing, sure what else could ye do!"


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