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Suspected cases of insomnia are being reported by musicians all over the country as they return home from the Pádraig O'Keeffe Festival in Castleisland, Co. Kerry.

The conditions are thought to have arisen following rousing all night music and drinking sessions at the festival which saw many musicians skip their 8 hours sleep a number of nights in a row.

However this has had a lasting effect with many people saying they have been unable to sleep since, says one musician.

"Jaysus I had a feckin' great time! Went down the Friday night and stayed up straight the way through to Sunday! Sure there was too much craic in the hotel there to be goin' to bed. But I didn't expect this to happen when I got home."

"Every time I try to go to sleep, images of the weekend and Pádraig O'Keeffe playing pop into me head and I can't sleep! I'm going round in a daze! I hear slides and polkas every where I go! I was sittin' on the bus the other day and I thought I was in the River Island Hotel, I was going mental!"

It's thought that the festival committee are bringing in a sleep specialist for next year's festival in an effort to return musicians to a normal sleep pattern. Dr. Khan Notzleep from the Mater Hospital says that insomnia is quite common mong traditional musicians.

"Their lifestyle and mental capacity seem to provide the right conditions for insomnia to develop. They're more susceptible than most people as they often spend days and nights playing music which keeps the brain active."

Although many of the musicians are doubtful that this will help them get any sleep: "I doubt that one man will be able to help me get rid of these little Pádraig O'Keeffes I see playing everywhere. They bloody come into my room at night and keep me awake with feckin' gas stories and music!"


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