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A recent investigation into disappearing sheep from the fields around Cúil-Aodha in County Cork has discovered links to an Aran jumper collection owned by local musician and composer Peadar O'Riada.

The investigation began after concerns were raised over the dwindling sheep numbers around the Cork Gaeltacht region, sparking fears that a horny Mayo man might be on the loose. However people became even more suspicious when Peadar O'Riada began to appear at the local session in a brand new Aran jumper almost every night.

His apparently ever-increasing collection caught the attention of authorities, leading them to believe that there was more to the case of the disappearing sheep than they thought. Detective Kevin Glackin explained:

"People were worried after the fields which were once thriving with produce began to appear thinner and thinner until the herds were nothing more than a few rams. We were at a complete dead-end until we down the local pub for a pint."

"There were a few whispers and gasps as Peadar walked in the door with yet another brand new Aran jumper. He strutted in, proud as punch, as people begged him to let them stroke the jumper's soft wool. It was the fourth different one we'd seen him in that week. We knew something was up."

After a thorough investigation, the authorities discovered that the wool from the jumpers matched that of the missing sheep. They also discovered that Peadar made the jumpers himself and was the mastermind behind an international woollen sweatshop, using the Cór Cúil Aodha as a front and its members as underpaid workers.

Apparently the workers would go out at night-time and lure the sheep into a van using a medley of Peadar's compositions and they would be driven to a nearby warehouse and shorn. Detective Glackin said that charges will be brought shortly against the newly crowned 'Aran Baron of Cúil Aodha'.


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