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The hens who appeared in a viral video playing the bodhrán have made their next career move by accepting a full time teaching post in the University of Limerick.

After been seen by thousands of people on YouTube playing the Irish drum the hens were approached by senior staff at the Irish World Academy in Limerick and offered the post of teaching the bodhrán on a permanent basis.

U.L. officials expressed their delight at the coup and told the media that this is another indication of their goal to provide a 'top-class' degree.

"We are delighted to have the hens on board. We fought long and hard to draft them in but we are sure it will be worth it. We want to thank their owners for allowing them to join the staff and the hens themselves for accepting the position."

"Their contract is fairly simple, they didn't have too many demands. Just a desire to be paid in grain, be allowed to wander the U.L. campus and also be allowed to crap anywhere they like. Pretty standard for hens we think."

The university had expressed their desire to bring on a new percussion teacher and this appointment brings to an end speculation as to who would be brought on board. Some present and former teachers have questioned the decision however with Tommy Hayes said to be in a fowl mood at the news.

This isn't the first time an animal has been offered a role teaching traditional music after Bobby Gardiner's camel was asked to teach the accordion at this year's Willie Clancy week. U.L. official say that this could mark a new beginning in Irish music tuition.

"I think we've learned all we can from humans. Now it's time to move on to the animals. I think these hens will really ruffle some feathers on the scene and replace that awful dribbly bodhrán style with a more pecky style of accompaniment."


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