One of the country’s best uilleann pipers is to appear on a new L’Oréal billboard following a stint promoting tourism in Clare.

Blackie O’Connell, one of Ireland’s most recogniseable musicians, was asked by the French haircare company to front their new advertising campaign after one of their executives spotted him on a billboard outside Shannon airport.

The exective was on holiday in Ireland and happened across the musician upon arrival and then later on in Doolin. Jacquez explained:

“I was wiz my familee in Ireland on holiday and saw zis beautiful sight when leaving ze airport! Ze man on ze pipes! I thought ‘We must get zis man!’”

“Zen later I saw him in Doolin playing! I could not believe it! It was magnificent…iz playing…iz hair flowing through ze wind. It was perfect for us. Zis is ze hair we want on our billboard!”

The company will fly O’Connell out to Paris where a photoshoot will take place after which his image will appear all over the French capital.

When asked about the experience Blackie replied:

“Why did they ask me? Because I’m worth it!”


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