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A local Easter Egg hunt has descended into chaos as people expecting to find the traditional child friendly event realise that it's just a load of Irish musicians looking for alcohol in a field.

Confusion reigned as scores of parents turned up with their children, only to be confronted by scenes of dehydrated trad musicians scrambling and fighting with each other to find carefully hidden alcohol around a local field, akin to a traditional Easter Egg hunt.

Parents were horrified at the scenes after they brought their children to the family friendly event and complained that the scenes were not very Easter like.

"What kind of example are these people setting? Easter is a time for reflection and eating easter eggs! Not for this kind of debauched behaviour. They're like slaves to the drink!"

"I always thought traditional musicians were sound, normal people...How wrong I was. I saw one lad bite another lad's hand after he got too close to his whiskey bottle! And I saw two women diving for one can of Dutch Gold! Madness!"

The event was thought to have been arranged after the Good Friday alcohol ban got to a few of the musicians. They saw this as a way to release that anxiety while taking part in an Easter tradition. One musician explained:

"I don't see anything wrong with it. Sure some of the drink is made to look like an easter egg! Sure we go one whole day without being able to buy drink so this is our reward. I managed to get meself a whole crate of Bulmers. Delighted!"

There were accusations by many of the parents that the event was quite confusing for those with children and was not family friendly enough. However the musicians disagree with this.

"How can they say it wasn't family friendly? Sure we had one lad dressed as the Easter Bunny! Ye can' get more family friendly then that! Well, he was drinking beer at the event but what'd important is that he was there!"


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