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A number of strange traditional musicians surrounded a giant turd last night and started a session, akin to flies being drawn to shite.

Much like the old saying 'flies on shite', the musicians appeared from the woodwork when word got around of a session featuring some of Irish music's most prominent musicians was taking place. However, the musicians were instead drawn to a giant turd that sat in another section of the same pub.

This is reportedly the first time that a session has formed around faeces and according to scientists is proof that strange musicians on the scene are taking on more and more qualities of the typical fly. The Drone spoke to one prominent scientist who said:

"While 'flies to or on shite' is a well-known saying, it is actually based on fact. In this case, these musicians were referred to in the same fashion. They seemed to be able to sniff out good sessions and good music and within minutes, completely overrun them."

"They seem be evolving. Here we can see that they surrounded an actual turd, rather than the session. It was already in their DNA to swarm on the sessions and it appears now that they are becoming more and more like the common fly!"

Theories as to why this is happening have been thrown around, with many musicians saying that the shite belonged to a respected musician, explaining why the weirdos were drawn to this shite in particular.

The identity as to who it could be remains a mystery however people have ruled out musicians from Cavan and Clare who have been described as being 'as tight as a duck's arse'. Our expert says this theory could be a possibility.

"I suspect that if these individuals were taking over good sessions in the past, then the turd must belong to someone well-known. But I don't think I would agree with tightness having anything to do with it as there are plenty of musicians who talk shite too."


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