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A local musician documenting their life on Facebook, has upped their loveliness and got hundreds of likes by posting disingenuous photos and saying ‘Aren’t we lovely?’ in a not so subtle way.

The Facebook addict, seen mostly on their phone at major music events, posted the series of posed photos in order to gain more likes and complimentary comments and thus, maintain some type of ‘relevance’ in the digital world.

No expense was spared to portray the musicians in carefully choreographed, photogenic moments with thousands spent on top quality photographers, ensuring that no pretense was left unseen. The musician told The Drone:

“It was so important to me to maintain a consistant image of loveliness in order to garner more attention. Some of the scenes were spectacular like playing on the edge of a cliff! It was a coincidence that I just happened to have my instrument with me that day on my 10 mile hike!”

“And delightfully playing with the granny while my partner looked on! We flew her in especially for that and then sent her back on the bus. She was complaining a bit about being tired but those Facebook likes are important you know! There is no equivalent of them in real life, not that I can remember normal social etiquette due to extended screen exposure.”

The musician’s latest upload shows a chance meeting with deceased musicians Michael Coleman and Seamus Ennis, which garnered 200 likes and as many comments from random musicians and Americans enchanted by the pretence.

Some musicians say however that they are pushing the boat too far regarding social media and that the pretence will soon put pressure on real life, leading to unrealistic expectations and breakdowns in social contact. The musician is undaunted however:

“I’m just lovely! I don’t know what they’re talking about. People love me! Sure the other day I posted a video of me standing in the middle of a field in complete silence for 10 minutes, and I got a thousand likes! That means I’m relevant! Yay!”


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