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A local session was hit with controversy last night as bodhran had to be forcibly removed from the session in order to make room for a higher priority musician.

Footage of the incident was shared widely on social media which showed the man being dragged from his seat while still tipping along with the music. It is understood he was asked to leave his seat in order to make room for another musician with a better reputation than him.

Staff at the pub defended their actions, saying that they followed standard procedure when something like this occurs.

“The session was going along just fine and then one of the regular fiddle players came in and demanded a seat. We saw the bodhran player and offered him a pint in return for him vacating his seat. That is when he got belligerent.”

“He flat out refused to move, even though we needed his seat for the fiddle player and he was just some goat-skin beater. In the end we just had to grab him and drag across the other musicians just to get him out of there.”

On videos of the incident the man can be heard screaming “Get your hands off my tipper!” and “I just want to play! I just want to play!”. Other musicians can be heard cheering in the background.

Despite this, some musicians raised concerns over the treatment of the man and where they lie in the pecking order of musicians and what instruments are referred to as ‘higher priority’. These concerns were raised mainly by accompanists, flute players, banjo players and sean nos singers.

Staff attempted to allay these fears however and reaffirmed their commitment to customer service, citing the experience they gained while working for United Airlines.


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