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Fleadh going teenagers all over the country are expressing their worry over the potential effects the current nurses strike will have on their notorious Fleadh habits.

Nurses and midwives across the nation have continued to show their dismay at their treatment within Ireland's ailing health service with continuing strikes, actions which have led many teenage musicians to question how this could effect them come the All-Ireland Fleadh.

Despite the Fleadh being over 6 months away, musical teenagers have been telling The Drone that they are feeling extreme anxiety over how their Fleadh experience will be affected, should the nurses still be striking at the time.

One teenager told us: "It's been difficult getting any type of sleep lately with this strike going on. I mean, what if they are still striking in August? It doesn't bear thinking about. The Fleadh is THE place for us teens to go and make a holy show of ourselves. How are we supposed to do that in the knowledge that there ain't be any nurses working to pick up the pieces?"

"I mean, who will pump my stomach after drinking 10 cans of Druid's Cider? I go to the Fleadh to have a good time...I think...I can never really remember. I usually black-out. But our enjoyment and revelry shouldn't be held hostage by striking nurses. It's a disgrace!"

The All-Ireland Fleadh is notorious for being a huge draw for large crowds of drinkers, with teenagers being foremost among them. Campsites and side streets become thronged with teenager every year, but many are sure that this may not be the case this year.

Another teen told The Drone: "We bring a lot to the Fleadh! I mean, where would you be without us playing music on the street, or our loutish behaviour, or our drunken disregard for our own safety? None of these things will happen if those bloody nurses are still on strike!"

"If I'm drunk, I want to be able to injure myself and receive proper treatment after pulling some stupid stunt! I want to be able to vomit in the street God damn it! Somebody should tell those nurses how their strikes have a knock-on effect."

A large scale meeting is being planned for all teenagers to address any issues concerning the effects of the nurses strike on the Fleadh and is taking place in Cult-Ass head quarters on Monkstown.


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