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The creepy online challenge known only as 'Momo', has reportedly been targeting bodhráns in its latest attempt to scare people.

Traditional musicians all over the country have spoken about how they have fallen victim to the Momo Challenge, which has involved being contacted on WhatsApp by Momo, and being told to go out and harm bodhráns in a variety of twisted ways whilst also sending pictures of destroyed bodhráns.

One internet user and traditional musician spoke of how they were first contacted by the strange internet challenge:

"I was on YouTube one evening just looking up videos of Seamus Tansey, as you do, and this thing popped up on the screen. It had this weird hair and black eyes, and I thought it was Enya for a second so I clicked on it thinking 'Ah yeah, a bit of Orinoco Flow would grand'."

"But then I started getting these weird WhatsApp messages of bodhráns smashed and ripped to pieces with a penknife. I thought, 'Christ! That is some Seamus Ennis type shit!' I'm not a fan of bodhrán players but that was disturbing!"

The Momo Challenge has been criticised in many circles, with internet safety experts calling on people to be vigilant when online, especially when bodhrán players and Seamus Ennis is involved.

Another musician spoke of how they were encouraged to take action against bodhráns at their local session:

"When Mom first contacted me, I was sent a WhatsApp message saying 'Tell me where your local session is!'. I wasn't going to do that, but then the messages started getting more like, 'I have a task for you! Play that bodhrán with a penknife!', and, 'Go and tell your local bodhrán player they're shite!'. I don't know what he's got against bodhráns."

Traditional musicians have been told not to converse with Momo Challenge and if contacted, to tell Momo they should be going after the bouzouki instead.


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