'The Drone' is Ireland's finest source for (faux) traditional Irish music news. Here is the only place where you will find up to date news and gossip on all things Irish music. Sessions, musicians, concerts and drink all now have a home...'The Drone'. For years our journalists have worked for some of the best known publications from around Ireland and the world, 'The Limerick Belter', 'The Dublin Creeper', 'The London Daily Rag' and many many more. They have all come together under my stewardship, Tansey von Frankiegavin, with one goal in mind...to become the leading light for traditional Irish music. I welcome you to this site and sincerely hope you find 'trad-isfaction'!




Tansey von Frankiegavin


DISCLAIMER: Everything on this website, if you haven't noticed, is 'faux-news'. This means none of it is true...nothing...nada...zilch. It is all purely for humour's sake. If you don't have a sense of humour you shouldn't be here or anywhere where there are other humans. If you have a complaint please contact us and we will send our customer care team to your house when upon their arrival you will be euthanised. Enjoy!