The Alternative News of The Willie Clancy Summer School



The first edition of The Willie Times. Read all about the week's fighting teachers, the infamous phantom fiddler, the most recent recent renovations taking place in Friel's Pub or simply peruse the horoscope section to see what lies in store for you during the week.


The second edition of The Willie Times features Friel's brand new one-way system and a Lonely Hearts section sure to bring out the lover in us all. See how the new X-Factor style auditions for the classes pan out or read about the Willie Clancy knock-off fest, 'The Billy Slancy Fest'.

DISCLAIMER: Everything on this website, if you haven't noticed, is 'faux-news'. This means none of it is true...nothing...nada...zilch. It is all purely for humour's sake. If you don't have a sense of humour you shouldn't be here or anywhere where there are other humans. If you have a complaint please contact us and we will send our customer care team to your house when upon their arrival you will be euthanised. Enjoy!