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Art Gallery

Traditional musicians have long been the subjects of classic art. Here are a few examples.

Donal Lunny Standing Behind Things

Donal Lunny is best known for introducing what is now known as the 'Irish Bouzouki' to traditional music (even though it is really an octave mandola). He is also recognised for being one of the faces of traditional group Planxty, The Bothy Band, Moving Hearts, Mozaik and many, many, many, many...more. He also founded the group 'Ciorras' from the TG4 produced television show 'Lorg Lunny', where Donal travelled the country searching for unsuspecting and innocent young musicians whose dreams he could crush. However, he is also known for standing behind things and playing the bouzouki! In this series we follow Donal each week as he travels the world to play...and stand!

Trad Movie Posters

Viral posters of traditional Irish music movies.


The Best of the Worst Stock Fiddle Player Photos

Have you ever looked at a stock photo of a musician and recoiled in horror? Well, we searched the world wide web to bring you the very best of the worst in stock photo fiddle players. The competition was surprisingly fierce but we at The Drone believe that we have compiled the top worst photos for your pleasure. Enjoy.

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