A man has gathered his wittiest friends to help him come up with the perfect response to his adversary on the discussion forum of traditional music website ''.

Not long after joining the website, the man became embroiled in a heated argument over fiddle players. It began when people joined a discussion on who their favourite fiddle players were and quickly escalated into a full blown argument. The man says it all happened very suddenly.

"I had just joined in the discussion and left a comment saying the best fiddler was Kevin Burke. All of a sudden this other member 'joe1960' said I didn't know what I was talking about and that Kevin Burke was nowhere near as good as Liz Carroll."

After exchanging insults and retorts the man said he left the discussion to give him time to think of the perfect response. He called his friends that had the quickest sense of humour to help him think of the perfect witty response so he could have the last word and win the argument.

"I'm determined to make him see that Kevin Burke is the best around. No-one on the internet is going to get away with saying all these things about him. 'Joe1960' is wrong...Just plain wrong!"

'The Drone' will keep you updated on the outcome of this response.


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