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A group of musicians having a session on Skype have realised that they are all naked from the waist down.

The musicians, who are forced to quarantine due to the Corona-Virus restrictions, decided it would be a good idea to keep up their weekly session via Skype but quickly realised that this came with added complications.

It didn’t take them long to discover that they were all pantsless and naked from the waist down, something which many people have joked about since video-chatting on Skype became popular.

One musician told The Drone: “We were sitting down playing a few tunes on Skype like we’ve been doing the last few weeks. I didn’t bother throwing on the trousers because I play the accordion and who’s see anyway.”

“We only realised after one fella stood up to go to the toilet and we could see his aul hairy arse. We got a shock definitely! Every one then had to confess they were doing the same thing. I didn’t know it was one of THOSE types of video chats.”

The musicians said that this had been going on for weeks without anyone realising what was happening, with strategic placing of instruments helping to disguise people’s bits.

“As I said, I had the accordion so no problem there. Concertina fine, guitar fine, bodhran and uilleann pipes, fine. I think the fiddle and flute players had real issues.”

“They had to hold their instruments a certain way when they weren’t playing. Especially the flute players. The lads had to hold them vertically, if ye know what I mean.”

People quickly became embarrassed after realising their faux pas, with an awkward exchange of looks descending upon the Skype chat.

“People didn’t know where to look really after that. It got even worse when yer man came BACK from the toilet. Everything was on show. It’s a good thing we weren’t all in the same room together. The smell would be shockin’ I’d say.”


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