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The state of the art building for the World Academy of Irish Music and Dance was opened in the University of Limerick last night by none other than the Dark Lord, Sauron.

In a ceremony attended by many of his followers, the Lord of Mordor announced he was thrilled to be associated with the work that goes on in the new building. Sauron already has a long standing connection to the realm of UL and has served as a head of the department in the past.

"I have always believed that Irish music must be destroyed to be rebuilt better. For too long I have stood by and watched people be marginalised for using spoons, for adding in chromatic notes in tunes, for playing the dribbling style of bodhran. Here in this new building they will not be judged but encouraged. This is what I expect to continue to happen here for the foreseeable future."

Sauron took the time out from his busy schedule of domination of Middle Earth to attend the gathering and even posed for pictures afterwards. However there has been widespread speculation about Sauron and UL's power over the other Irish music courses in Ireland ever since his meeting with the heads of those departments to present them with ceremonial rings.

The Dark Lord was seen wearing a brand new gold ring at the ceremony but denied that this was in fact the one true ring.

"I have no affiliation with those other institutions. This ring is just a cheap plastic one you get in a barmbrack. Anyway, I bow to the true Dark Monkstown."


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