A mother has stated that her daughter is loving her new hobby of learning traditional Irish fiddle and that she is looking forward to living out her mother's unfulfilled dreams.

Alison, from Dublin, says that her daughter, 7, has taken to the fiddle like a fish to land and is enjoying the new addition to her busy schedule. She already does ballet, drama, camogie, night classes in Criminal Law and horse-riding.

"She's wonderful. She's only 7 but already I can see that she's going to be a fantastic musician. Some people say that she's already doing too much but I don't think so. It's important to keep children busy especially if a parent has expectations...I'm already looking for a regular gig for her."

Unfortunately her daughter could not be reached for comment as she was in the middle of a personal training session at the gym. However her mother has ensured us that she will practise as soon as she gets home.

"She usually practises for an hour before going to bed. She only knows scales right now but it won't be long before she plays her first big gig. We treat it like it's a game, I use the megaphone to encourage her and let her know where she goes wrong. She soon gets the message...She's bright like that."


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