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A violin player has come out to say that he has had enough of teachers and says that you can get the same tuition from books and maybe more.

Adrian, who comes from Backarseofnowhere, Ohio, says that he has had 15 different teachers in the past 3 years, all of whom have told him the exact same things. He believes that he isn't getting value for money and says that books are the way forward.

"I've had 15 teachers in the past 3 years, all of whom have told me the same things about my playing and I haven't improved at all! They've all given me the same advice but I want to hear something different. Having a teacher is over-rated. I've bought books that have said the same thing and possibly have even more in there."

Adrian says that teachers can be a hindrance more than anything. He says his rendition of 'Drowsy Maggie' has sounded the same for the last year or so and has no flow, despite keeping each note on seperate bows. He goes on to tell us that he has an idea why some people get a teacher.

"I think some people get a teacher because they have low self-esteem and feel they need to rely on experienced musicians for guidance. I think complete beginners can get on just fine on their own. It's better just to figure things out for yourself, you get a better understanding. I've got along just fine!"


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