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In a rather bizarre set of events, 'The Gloaming' supergroup of Martin Hayes, Caoimhin O'Raghallaigh, Denis Cahill, Thomas Bartlett and Iarla ó'Lionárd had to abandon their concert mid-way through last night after the stage became flooded with semen...from the group themselves!

Following the foreplay of the first few opening sets, the group decided to play an orgasm inducing 18 minute long number which resulted in sways of ecstasy from the musicians and ultimately, ejaculation. Many onlookers were horrified at what they saw.

"To be honest I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The whole started off like a normal concert. They moved around a bit but that was expected. Then they started this really long set and that just set them off. They were rolling all over the place when they were playing and then know...did it all over the stage."

However most simply applauded as they had no idea about Irish music and were told by others that what the group had just done had revolutionised the music.

"I thought it was marvellous. Now I don't normally listen to diddley-eye but I heard on Joe Duffy they were good so I came to see them. I wasn't sure about the ejaculating at first but then the person next to me started clapping and I realised what they had done was art...they had taken Irish music to the next stage. It was fantastic!"

A special team had to be called in to clean the stage which won't be opened again for another week. When asked about the incident the group simply stated that they got over-excited by themselves and couldn't help but give in to their instincts.

"Ah yes that was a great set. It's a pity we couldn't go on as the stage had become unsafe. We're all raring to go out there again."

This is the latest in a series of incidents involving the group, the first coming on stage at the Céilúiradh in the Albert Hall, London, where the group tricked hundreds of people into believing their own hype.

The Drone will certainly keep you updated on all events 'Gloaming' related.


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