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A man has won an argument on the discussion forum of '' website, beating his adversary in the process.

Following on from a recent story on how the man got into the argument, 'The Drone' returned to find that the man had been victorious over member 'joe1960' in their argument over fiddle players. 'Joe1960' had told the man he was wrong to think Kevin Burke was the best fiddler when Liz Carroll was clearly superior.

"I'm delighted! Too many people hide behind their keyboard and say things like that when they probably wouldn't say 'boo' in real life. I'm just glad to have won, I'm really satisfied!"

He realised he had won after posting the perfect witty response thought up by his friends. After a few days 'joe1960' had still not responded, despite him posting on other threads and because of this, the man decided that 'joe' must have conceded defeat.

"It's a great feeling to win an argument on the internet like that. Too many people can be wrong on there. I'm not too worried about him coming back later down the line, it's too late for him now. People can see I'm the superior intellect. At least now I can get some sleep! I haven't been able to relax the past few days thinking about the outcome of this!"

The man continues to post on ''. 'The Drone' will keep you updated on all his adventures.


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