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From the Editor: Tansey Von Frankiegavin

'The Drone' is delighted to announce that we have just moved into plush new offices located at O'Connell Bridge and D'Olier Street.

Since being published last Thursday 8th May, 'The Drone' has received a massive response which has allowed the writing team to give ourselves a huge increase in our wages and offer myself, the Editor, a place on the management board for life, much like other Irish music organisations.

The building, previously known only as 'The Heineken Building' due to the large 'Heineken' logo that ran along the side, is the now the location of 'The Drone News Ltd. Offices'. The 'Heineken' sign has since been replaced by the attractive looking logo of our fine publication and attached to the side of my house.

I will also now reside in the penthouse while I am working, with a state of the art video feed from every traditional Irish pub across the country with said pubs on speed-dial, along with the number for Domino's Pizza. We at 'The Drone' are dedicated to providing accurrate and up-to-date traditional music news and these new offices certainly ensure that.


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