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During last night's music session, musicians and punters were told to quieten down for a few minutes and listen to the terrible whistling of a local pensioner.

The incident occurred at around 10:30 EST, around one hour into the night's frivolities. The musicians were in full swing and enjoying themselves, despite the other punters talking and laughing loudly over the music. One concertina player told us:

"We were playing away and having a great time. The pub can get fairly noisy at times but you get used to that playing Irish music. I can't really say that a whole lot of people were listening now...Then during one gap in the tunes this oul fella came down from the bar and began 'shushing' us, telling to 'be quiet' and 'show some respect'."

The man was accompanied by his friend, a pensioner wearing a tweed jacket and cap. The whole pub proceded to quieten down and the whistler took off. The musicians described his attempt at whistling 'The Sally Gardens' as sounding like 'a particularly wet fart'.

However, as soon as the man finished, the pub burst into rapturous applause and 'whooping'. The whistler soaked up the compliments and the pair returned to their pints at the bar and began talking and laughing over the music at the top of their voices.

"I couldn't believe it. The crowd would stop and listen to that shambles, go mad for it even, but they wouldn't even lend us an ear. Sure your man tells us to be quiet and show some respect, then when his mate is finished he goes back to ignoring us like."

When asked about the incident, the whistler was unaware of the musician's animosity toward him.

"Sure they're all a bunch of prima-donnas. What I do is a massive part of the tradition and I can't help it if the crowd love what I do. They spend the whole night playing, the least they could do is stop and listen to me. I've spent years perfecting my art and the best mouth shape for whistling. Just imagine that you're a calf sucking at your mother's teat...and that's it!"


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