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This week's battle features Kildare native and former Planxty member Liam O'Flynn and a man carrying on the tradition of travelling pipers, Finbar Furey. Let battle commence...

Liam O'Flynn:

From the day he was born, Liam O'Flynn was bred to 'The House of Kill', Co. Kildare. Learning from the great Leo Rowsome it is clear that he is a match for any piper. Some of his specialities are Baltic Martial Arts, learned from his days playing with Andy Irvine in Planxty. His knowledge and prowess playing such complicated rhythms gives him an edge over any piper. He is also able to call on a cavalry...literally! Liam has a deep interest in equestrian sports and raising horses and can call on a horsebacked Planxty to come to his aid. He also has another weapon in his arsenal; Seamus Ennis's pipes. Already a 'Game of Drones' champion himself, he passed on his juggernaut set to Liam and it is a set he does not hesitate to use in his defence. Do not be fooled by his calm appearance...for he is a storm inside.

Finbar Furey:

The world renowned piping export Finbar Furey grew up surrounded by music and began learning the pipes only a few minutes after being born. Growing up in the travelling community it was natural for someone to play the pipes and he was no exception. With 'The Fureys' he has a whole string of worldwide hits to his name, something which has become a trademark move for him...a deadly sucker-punch called 'The Worldwide Hit', a punch so hard it feels like the force of a whole continent behind it. And while Finbar is known for his music, he also has other talents including acting. This is a skill that gives him an upper-hand over opponants; the ability to disguise himself as anyone, creep up behind his enemy and strike a deadly blow! His appearance in 'Gangs of New York' confirms his ability to call on a savage band of men for help at any time.

Despite sporting a bloody nose after receiving a roudhouse Baltic kick to the face, Finbar comes out victorious. With one fell swoop Finbar delivers to Liam the ultimate killer blow: decapitation by five-string banjo.

Verdict: Finbar Furey wins.


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