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Worldwide asshat sensations and newlyweds Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were seen leaving 'The Cobblestone' pub in Smithfield only moments ago.

After arriving in Ireland for their honeymoon, the couple decided to visit the well known traditional pub following the tiring earlier leg of their trip which involved going to the cinema...twice. It is thought that the pair went there to sample some Irish culture and see if there is anything on offer that they can flog to death for some cash.

Kanye and Kim entered the pub and were somewhat bemused at the sight of people huddled around a table in the corner playing music for no money. They were even more disturbed by the lack of fanfare at their arrival. Kim said she was particularly unimpressed that no-one had seen her sex-tape that she made a few years earlier, as some young male musicians sniggered behind her.

"I put a lot of work into that tape and I don't even get appreciated for it. The guys over there playing music just play the same thing over and over again and they get applauded for it. It's not fair..."

At one point somebody began a sean-nós song which Kanye believed to be a rap challenge directed at him to which he replied, "Oh no you didn't! Do you know who I am? I'm a fuckin' rap, lyrical genius motherfucker!". People rolled their eyes and returned to their pints.

The couple stayed for a few hours but left after Kanye had a misunderstanding with another punter. The man tells us he was left completely bemused by it all:

"I was sitting at the bar and he came up to order. He was taking a while to decide, although I think he might have been distracted by his reflection in the mirror behind the bar so I told him to get a pint of the black stuff and suddenly he took offence to it, accusing me of racial slurs."

The couple left immediately after the confrontation and were seen headed in the direction of Hughes' Pub on Chancery Street.


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