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In a special edition of 'Lunny Stands Behind Things', we bring you a breaking report from informant Michael Gill who sent us the only now developed original photographs from the Apollo 11 moon landing.

The photographs we all know and love of Neil Armstrong were said to be doctored before their initial release to the public and the whistleblowing of the originals now seem to bring up some serious questions: was Donal Lunny in space or was the moon landing actually a hoax directed by Donal Lunny? 'The Drone' doesn't know which is scarier.

On close inspection of Neil Armstrong's protective visor we can clearly see Donal, bouzouki in hand, ready to play. NASA and the US Government have denied the accusations and have slammed the release of the photos.

"We absolutely and vehemently deny such accusations. The moon landing was not a hoax and we have no affiliation with any traditional Irish musicians in any way whatsoever. If we did it would certainly not be a bouzouki player."

If the moon landings are a hoax then we have to ask 'What role did Donal play in all of this?'. And if the photos are real, then 'How did Donal manage to stand in zero gravity?' and 'How did he manage to belt out a new rhythm if there is no air for sound to travel through?'.

It is up to our readers to decide.


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