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In a 'The Drone' exclusive, we can reveal for the first time the cover of flute player Seamus Tansey's next book entitled 'The Apostles of Innisfree: Volume 3 - The Moses Edition' which will feature his 'Ten Commandments in Irish Music'.

This is a follow up to the two international bestsellers 'The Apostles of Innisfree' and 'The Apostles of Innisfree: Volume 2'. Tansey himself has said that this book is his masterpiece and that the previous two were essentially practise in working towards this third act and his commandments.

"I wasn't sure at the start what I could get away with which is why I wrote the first two books. After they both got a great response I decided to go ahead with the third one, the one I have been working toward all this time."

The cover features Tansey in a striking pose on top of Slieve Bawn in Roscommon, holding aloft his 'Ten Commandments in Irish Music' with a parting Lough Kea in the background. He says this is a deliberate re-enactment of Moses atop Mount Sinai. Seamus has said that this book will have even more hilarious musings, akin to his last book.

"People would come up to me on the street and shake my hand, telling me how much they enjoyed my descriptions of other musicians. This book will be the same. I think the cover accurately reflects that...I see myself as a prophet and the parting Lough Kea is a visual representation of my divisive nature."

Seamus has kindly revealed his 'Ten Commandments in Irish Music' ahead of the book's publication:

1) Thou shall not have other flute players before me.

2) Thou shall not take the name of Tansey in vain.

3) Remember to keep holy the Willie Clancy Week.

4) Honour your Coleman and your Morrison.

5) Thou shall not kill 'Colonal Frazer's Reel'.

6) Thou shall not commit adultery against your regular session.

7) Thou shall not steal someone elses tune.

8) Thou shall not covet they neighbour's instrument.

9) Thou shall not bear false witness and say I am "out of tune".

10) Thou shall not contact Joe Duffy about me.


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