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Sources say that tonight's local session musicians are getting more and more fed up of the crowd that is slowly filling the pub to see the next World Cup game.

The 2014 World Cup takes place in Brazil and due to the difference in times, the matches just so happen to fall in the peak session times. This has led to an increased influx drunken revellers bumping and forcing their way past regular session goers who say they've had enough.

"Ah hear, how are we suppose to play when we're goin' up against bleedin' 300 Mexicans shoutin' at the television? I mean it's like fightin' a losing battle ye know? Now I've nothing against the German fans, they're quite reserved and they like their good quality beers, but when the Brazilians come in, I dunno what to think...It's like the Mullingar St. Patrick's Day parade but inside!

We wouldn't mind if they listened a bit but they're all fixated on the match. They have samba drums and everything...Maybe they'd be better off sittin' in the session. They keep asking us if we know the French national anthem though. At least they don't all have vuvuzelas like last time."

The pub owners have refused to switch off the tv during the games, citing losses incurred on beer sales however they have offered to provide the musicians with earplugs to cut out the noise. The musicians have refused this offer and have asked for more crowd control, akin to that at actual soccer matches, with riot gear and batons.

'The Drone' will keep you updated during the games.

UPDATE: The musicians have taken to using bodhráns as shields and tippers as batons to fend off the crowd.


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