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The final day of the ‘15th Annual Bodhrán-athlon’ to the ‘Craiceann 2014’ festival sees the competitors take part in the final leg of their trip with the Bodhran running segment.

In this sprint to the finish line of the doorway of Tigh Ruairi’s, competitors must strap two bodhráns to their feet and quick step their way over 10 miles around the island. This time of year is prone to serious heat and many entrants become overcome with exhaustion, proving a delight for onlookers.

As the leading two runners approach, the crowd begins to cheer, hearing their rumbling in the distance. However it is some time before they appear, due to the loudness of the bodhráns deceiving onlookers. But despite this, their fight to the finish line is met with rapturous applause and baying for blood.

Event organiser, Deirdre Faloon: “This is exactly what we’d hoped for! Two leaders at the front, fighting it out for the title of 2014 Champion! There are some serious hits going in here! They’re beating the living daylights out of each other with their tippers! Unbelieveable!”

It’s a close finish but in the end, Billy McWilliams from County Carlow makes it over the finish line and into Tigh Ruairi’s. The trailing few eventually make their way over the threshold. The prize for finishing the event is being allowed to live, as only a chosen few are able to complete the ‘Bodhrán-athlon’.

Following the competition’s completion, everyone enjoys a free round of drinks from the pub’s proprietor. It is only after these drinks that everyone realises they forgot to invite melody players to the event.


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