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The traditional music world was left in hock today as legendary fiddle player Frankie Gavin was arrested for unpaid fines related to 'playing too fast'. The fines stretch back to the early 1990s.

US authorities arrested Gavin as he left the stage at a US concert and was taken straight to the station where he was placed in the 'tune tank' to low his playing to calm down before processing. Law enforcement officals explained the reasons for his arrest:

"Mr. Gavin has been known to us for some time now. He first came to our attention following his 'Fastest Fingers in the World' record attempt but we haven't been able to pinpoint him until now. He has flouted the acceptable limitations for playing at speed time and again."

Other band members of 'De Dannan' say they are not surprised at the events of the past few days and that they are already lining up Cathal Hayden as a replacement. Upon his appearance before the arraignment judge, Frankie pleaded his innocence and said "It was the box players that mad him do it!".

The judge orded that bail be set at $1million and that Frankie hand over his fiddle and flute and is forbidden to enter any pub sessions or concert venues until his trial. Ex-original 'De Danann' members Alec Finn and Johnny 'Ringo' McDonagh refused to help post any bail. A trial date is due to be announced later this week.


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