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The small Leitrim village Drumshanbo saw its average age more than halved during their annual traditional Irish music festival organisers say.

This past week saw another successful Joe Mooney Summer School take place, resulting in a huge crowd descending on the small village which normally has an average age of 45. This age however was halved throughout the week of the festival down to 16 years.

Organisers put this drop in age down to the number of tweens and young adult boys and girls that come to the festival to learn, play and generally be awkward in the presence of the opposite sex. The reason for this influx is down to the suitability of the village say organisers.

"Sure the rest of year is all middle-aged and old people here but this week it's refreshing to see a change. I think the village is suitable for teens because it's so enclosed and safe and there's plenty of places for them to play and then go try and buy beer."

This increase has taken locals by surprise who would not be used to such a demographic. People have said they have been tripping over these shorties in the pubs as they wouldn't usually think to check for them manouvring between the crowd.

The young adults set themselves up in the local camp site for the week and can regularly be seen trudging home in the early hours from local tween hotspot 'Henrys Haven', after annoying the workers in the local take-away.

The weekend will see this average age increase again when crowds begin to return home however the village hopes to purchase some of these tweens and chain them up outside 'Monicas' bar so they will have a lower average age all year round.


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