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A new suite by renowned composer and musician Martin Reilly has been accused of sounding pretty much the same as all his others.

The new piece titled 'The 3-Piece Suite' will make its debut at this year's All-Ireland Fleadh in August but those who have heard it already, including many Irish musicians, have said it sounds just like his other tunes and previous suite of music, 'The Pretentious Suite'.

'The 3-Piece Suite' tells the story of group of young Irish musicians living in Dublin as they attempt to sell their couch in order to raise money for a trip to the Willie Clancy Summer School. The suite ends with the group reaching their destination and getting shitfaced drunk.

Reilly: "I think this piece really is an intricate look at the complexities of modern day student life; the sense of dread in living day to day, not knowing if one will have enough money to buy alcohol that night or have the opportunity to get drunk in County Clare."

The suite will be played by 'The National Contrived Orchestra of Ireland' conducted by Martin Reilly but fellow musicians have slated the composition saying it is the exact same as all his other tunes, a combination of uninspired and insipid arpeggios.

"All his tunes are really forgettable but there seems to be a demand for music with little substance and 'wanna-be classical music'. It's the same structure the whole time! Just in different keys!"

When the accusation was put to Reilly he responded by saying that this new piece will be a radical change from his previous pieces as it will feature a 15 minute section of 'silent music'.


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