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This year's annual CCE All-Ireland Fleadh Banquet sees the introduction of a brand new Official CCE jacket design incorporating a bright pink colour, discarding with the boring old 'Alan Partridge-esque' green blazers of previous years.

The striking new design by Jean Paul Gaultier was commissioned by the Ard-Comhairle in response to accusations of the music organisation being 'archaic' and 'stuck in the past'. In an effort to appear more hip and 'with it', the decision was taken to ditch the old costume in favour of a more forward-looking design.

CCE Spokesman: "We know how people view the organisation so we wanted to show how new-age we really are, despite the fact that the entire Ard-Comhairle is over the age of 100. But I don't know where these claims of 'pink' are coming from. It's more of a really, really, really, really, really, really light shade of red."

Jean Paul Gaultier says he is extremely happy with the design and that "it is some of my best work and reflects the inner torment of musicians in attending the Fleadh." However, he goes on to say he is yet to sufficiently paid for his work, saying that they offered him the equivilant of an 'Echoes of Erin' musicians fee and a Lifetime-Pass to the All-Ireland Senior Céilí Band Competition.

The All-Ireland Fleadh Banquet is well known amongst Fleadh goers who try to reserve hotel rooms only to find them totally booked out by the organisation for the Ard-Comhairle, their husbands and wives, sons and daughters, cousins, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins twice removed and their personal psychics on CCE's pocket.

But despite all this, Chairman Lau appears to be extremely happy with the new design and had a few words to say on his arrival at the Gala Dinner:

"These suits are pretty fuckin' sweet. Me and ma homies here are gonna fuck shit up!"


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