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Legendary Sligo and New York based fiddle player Michael Coleman completed the famous 'Ice Bucket Challenge' today and in the process nominated two of his fiddling compatriots: 'The Professor' James Morrison and Lad O'Beirne.

Despite having died in 1945, Coleman decided to return in ghost form to take part in the viral, charity sensation in aid of ASL to raise awareness of the condition. He also had no choice after being nominated by the ghost of Patsy Tuohey.

"I was honoured to be nominated to take part in the challenge. I've been following it fairly closely all the way along and when Irish musicians started taking part I was just waiting for someone to nominate me. I also couldn't let that bollocks Tuohey get all the attention."

When asked how he returned in spectre form Coleman told us that he's been hanging around for years "scaring the shite out of people in the Coleman Centre in Gurteen". He also said that he has been appearing to people at Knock dressed in a shroud, "for the craic".

"It was actually difficult enough to lift the bucket myself but I did it in the end. At least I didn't get wet because the water went right through me. I am ghost after all. I nominate Jimmy Morrison and O'Beirne. They were anxious enough to follow me to New York so they'll want to the challenge too I guess."

The whereabouts of the ghosts of these two respective fiddle players are unknown at the moment, however it is thought that James Morrison has recently been haunting the Masters students in University of Limerick.


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