By Paddy Slackin

Gardaí were recently called to intervene in a situation at a concert venue in Dublin as Frankie Gavin turned up for a Steeple Sessions gig with the wrong De Danann.

This mix-up lead to an all out row with former band member Alec Finn who proceded to threten Frankie with a fistful of paintbrushes.

Mr Gavin, a noted traditional musician and founder member of both the Real and Continuity DeDanann/Dannan(s) was interviewed after the debacle. He said "I rushed from my limo to the sound check and only realised that I was at the wrong gig when I saw Alec’s hair bulging from behind the stage."

Members of the band were said to be shaken after the incident. Gardaí attempted to resolve the matter by contacting Comhaltas HQ in Monkstown but they advised that they had never officially heard of either group. Mr Finn stated that clearly Mr Gavin "could not even count his N’s".


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